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  • Productividad

    The MT124 creates trenches up to 1,5 in (38,1 mm) wide and 12 in (304,8 mm) deep. Ideal for power and fiber-optic installation, these narrow trenches allow contractors to save big on time and money by installing cable shallower with minimal disruption to the surrounding infrastructure. Easy to use, the attachment starts rotating before plunging, limiting blade exposure and allowing for a cleaner cut-and jobsite.

  • Flexibilidad

    The MT124 allows for hydraulic adjustments of the blade for added flexibility, extending the cut depth range from 0" to 12", a Ditch Witch exclusive. With manual traversing, operators can place the saw on the left, right, or center of the plate for more adaptability across different jobsites. Compact yet powerful, this attachment allows for a wide range of use across tight spaces and difficult conditions.

  • Sistema superior

    Part of a complete microtrenching system that includes a construction-grade lineup of Stand-On Skid Steers and the HX75 Vacuum Excavator, the MT124 was specifically designed based on direct feedback from underground construction operators. This all-encompassing microtrenching system helps reduce labor expenses and brings an unbeatable efficiency to any jobsite.

  • Discos duraderos

    The MT124 can be equipped with a wide variety of unique blades that have been designed to cut a clean, narrow trench in one efficient pass. Options range from Conical blades to Ditch Witch-exclusive PDC blades with diamond-embedded carbide. All blades are easily changeable with standard hand tools, saving operators time and improving productivity.